Jindřich Chalupecký Award 18

In this season we have a chance to explore 5 different approaches in Czech contemporary art scene:

Sprite Adála Součková “This is my world please come in.“

Peculiar Kateřina Olivová “Shock you and than try to think about it later.“

Ready Male Tomáš Kajánek “Yes, I can do that..“

Cool Kid Lukáš Hofmann “Im cool, come to be cool too.“


Artist Alžběta Bačíková “I found this interesting, this is my approach to that topic.“

Vegan, Glutten free, Sugar free and mostly gender free Adéla Součková

She came to National gallery with her own universe in form of blue yurt. The skeleton of structure is covered with magnets by light textile with imperfect blue print drawings.

Inside we can hear songs based on traditional Czech Folk with changed lyrics by and artist to fight sexism a racism that is often hidden in those traditional songs. You can make clay sculptures inside of the yurt.

Two performances later this year will take start at national museum with procession to river where she has plans for another exhibition.

Adéla is on the threshold between romantic old times and todays gender-free, gluten-free politics. In those two idealistic worlds she would loved to see herself to live in.

I’m not interested in this kind of art.
Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut is definitively art and persona of Kateřina Olivová.

In her performances she provokes with her body, her femininity and mostly last 6 years with her new role as a mother.

Her body is present in first video installation where she is naked in national gallery of modern art and interacts with art using exaggeration and humor.

The second video is about her role of mother and struggle in the world as someone who has to adapt to the others. So she decides to go multiple times across the road with several fellow mothers and their children to point out the importance of motherhood by stopping the traffic.

Her children corner for parents to take a rest (as a part of installation) is full of cushions in shapes of her body parts with corresponding photographs on top of them. Makes us realised that children reacts to mothers body with no shame and prejudices as we viewers offen do.

What I admire in her work is her approach to art, the point of it is not to make big portfolio (which she doesn’t have) but to make a some kind of connection with viewer that later might he realise something. (acceptance of public breast feeding, stop body shaming.. or simply not to be boring)

As Triple Candie pointed in her profile that she written for this exhibition: We emailed her questions. When she didn’t reply in few weeks, we write her again. (She was too busy with her current work outside of this award)

Art of Tomáš Kajánek is like instant Ramen. It’s quickly prepared and you can try to convince yourself that it is full-nutritious food.

In exhibition there are two separate youtube videos with own black cube that streams in loop.

One is unwanted life stream of car crash by fellow rider and the other is some kind of sick flickering video of nonsense. Both videos are not made by the artist.

By putting titles of the videos with big words: “Democratised experience of death visualized on the road into catharsis“ may not the right thing in respect to family, friends of deceased young girl.

With humour he tries to make some future-ish CV with ideas he has executed in the future. But in fact it seems that he hides his lack of actual work by screaming:

But I have ideas!

I silently reply:

But you didn’t..
Happy meal of Lukáš Hoffman, looks good, tastes good. But half-hour later you got stomach pain following headache while reading nutritious facts.

The point of fashion show and fashion photography (which he often works with) is to scream coolness to convince people to buy. Hoffman is full of those wow effects trying to convince people that he is an artist.

Cool faces, cool ideals, cool instagram, cool technology..
“We can see that, we now about you, please stop.“

Industrial curtains (that are used in constructions) borders his space in gallery. You are entering his coolness.

We see some kind of glass objects. (mostly all of glass designers don’t do the craft, they simply tell master of glass furnace what they are looking for and master executes it)

Also there is cool wooden sculpture, unpractical climbing wall that is frequently polished by the artist and mainly, those VR googles where you can see world of Czech aesthetic to contrast of fashion editorials that you could see 5-10 years ago in western magazines. interlaced with cool people in cool clothes doing cool, silly things (90% of instagram).

If you peel off all the layers of wow effects, you find yourself in empty space without any emotional experience and realisation.

Hoffman should became stylist, he is good at it and I would love to collaborate with him on some editorials.

There is no way that Alžběta Součková will not win Jinřich Chalupecký award.

Her art is simple at first but you can go deep and over analyse every aspect of it. She knows what she is doing she knows why she is doing it and she knows why she will win.

The main point is a movie: “the Jazz singer“ It was the first movie with synchronised audio and video track.

She deconstructs this synchronicity it in two parts. Audio installation (movie for blind people), and video installation (movie for death people).

Main characters: Blind Terezie and Death Mac are introduced (Terezie in audio version, Mac in video version)

The next scene will show us how Mac introduces himself with Terezia via modern technology smart-phone. (finally art about positive aspects of technology)

Through the movies they interact with each other, blind Terezie drives car with Mac assistance, Mac is dancing to music with Terezie.

Both installations are showing the same story line with different point of view of each main character.

Součková art is not full of big nonsense words and sentences, there is lack of coolness and shock. It is deeply thoughtful concept executed in clean way without any disturbing elements. I would just recommend to give visitors blind fold in the audio area and ear plugs in videa area.

I’m afraid that the winner will be Lukáš Hoffman.
Institutions like these in Czech republic tend more to promote themselves rather than the artists.
And Hoffman is the best bet for them.

- Filip Kartousek
14th November 2018