Martin Netočný:
Shamans Sacrificed Camels

Upon arrival to gallery Jelení we are confronted with text by curator Tomáš Hrůza, referring to the event when Siberian shamans slaughtered and burned several camels for the “make Russia great again“ ideology.

Exhibition contains black and white photographs playfully installed, and after short time investigation we see one photograph being framed in bright wooden frame with on top installed rubbered camel and in the corner of a window we find a color print of a screenshot containing fire with silhouette of a person. Sadly only these two objects hints the previously mentioned traditional Siberian ritual.

Photographs itself are sterile images containing clumps of shapes and visual “terror“. It feels like the mention of a ritual acts as a last minute super glue repair of the exhibition by curator itself. At the end of the curators text we are left with reassuring sentences about the lack of meaning of these photographs and the understanding of this exhibition is left totally on the viewer with the sentence: “Therefore, we are not supposed to leave the exhibition with an answer, but rather with a question of how we can give a higher order to the human world, which evidently does not have it, but seriously needs it.“

- Filip Kartousek
20th July 2019