FOTOGRAF gallery

Filip Kartousek came to FOTOGRAF gallery with friends wearing white T-shirts with images from four of his photo series:

MUSE, DECADENCE, DEPRESSION and WORK, reflecting main theme of upcoming fotograf festival which was denied to participate.

“The theme of the fotograf festival edition is the boundary between work and free time. In 2018, the Fotograf Festival, titled as “Non-Work: Occupied by Leisure Time”, will present exhibitions, discussions and accompanying programmes using the medium of photography to deal with social issues related to work and free time.“ -

Current exhibition: In the Shadow of the Lion by curator Jirka Skála, was part of fotograf festival and unfortunately (due to being a gallery for contemporary photography) was mainly text based and lacked any sort of photographs (not counting 3 posters), so I decided to put rest of t-shirt for free next to the wine which was priced for 15 CZK. Jirka Skála right after my intervention asked his son to lower the price for 10 CZK per wine.

The shirts were the most exciting thing in the gallery, immediately people start checking them and were away in matter of minutes.

This provocative performance put a viewer in a role of traditional white cube concept were the wall itself lost its purpose, and indicated that the viewers are main character of all exhibition as shown in artists previous work: Culture in Zlín.