Isabell Alexandra - ‚Hungry German Youth‘ (2017)

wantless. fast. faster.
yesterday as well. tomorrow again.

pure hedonism.

The presented documental photographic project reveals the adolescent search for self-identity and social role as an eternal process in the infinite universe of possibilities since the digital revolution. With glitter on the eyelids in a numbing chaos of decisions which seem to be fundamental for our future lives, psychological chasms, a life in hedonism, dealing with one’s own self-perception, and the subjective process of translation might be determined by intersubjectivity. The conceptual collective subjectivity, created by the equalisation of the photographing instance, gives an honest, pure insight into the complexity and intimacy of German youth and illustrates different views on the same world, generation, humans, and their own lives in a merger of the variousness and individuality of perspectives and experiences. The concept behind the presented photographic project constitutes a self-referential relation in context to the concept of the exhibition. The subjective interpretation of the new generation’s psychological transition process that is experienced by the subject which processes it in an artistic way - in the photographs as well as in the lyrics, the music and drawings. The intermediality and the materiality of the presentation calls attention to the contemporary use of modern virtuality in a critical way while the live-concert of Czech music creates an intercultural relation through it´s lyrics and atmosphere. The concept of the project can only be felt through a perception of the entire room and the occurrence itself. The private situation of the space refers to the intimate moments and individual experiences, which are captured in the exhibited photographs and the lyrics of the songs.